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2019-10-02: Today marks two years at @strava and still having fun!

2019-09-30: Finished Strava’s Escape Plan. It was our first streak challenge and the requirement was to …

2019-09-29: First time making ramen and there’s room for improvement. Soft boiling eggs isn’t as predictable at …

2019-09-29: Mountain Sheep in Colorado Monumement.

2019-09-26: Holy shit! Did my first 14er today. I am going to need days to recover!!!

2019-09-21: 13.9 miles of walking today and two glasses of Chardonnay for a night cap. Someone’s sleeping like a …

2019-09-21: Fancy Mall

2019-09-21: Fearless Girl

2019-09-20: First Time @ Grand Central Station 🚂

2019-09-20: It’s not everyday you pick up your new iPhone at the Grand Central Station store.

2019-09-19: Look what showed up today!!! Bring on the snow. @IconPass ⛷❄️ 🏔

2019-09-19: I am very excited to be in NYC this weekend and go check out the new Apple Store on 5th Ave.

2019-09-18: Now I just need the phone.

2019-09-16: Whoa! Apple Arcade launched on iOS 13 Beta. On second thought, I’m okay with being forced to get the …

2019-09-15: Summits of Rocky Mountain National Park.

2019-09-15: First time at Rocky Mountain National Park and it did not disappoint.

2019-09-14: After working with SwiftUI for > 6 hours today, I’m wondering if it will even be ready for …

2019-09-14: If your dataTaskPublisher isn’t executing your network request, make sure you are telling it …

2019-09-14: Anyone know of any vegetarian meal delivery services? We’ve been doing @HelloFresh, but it’s getting …

2019-09-10: Rockefeller Center from Sunday

2019-09-09: St Patrick’s Cathedral was stunning yesterday with the sunlight shining from behind.

2019-09-08: St Patrick’s Cathedral was breathtaking today. Gorgeous building.

2019-09-08: I’m loving NYC so much!! #tryswiftnyc

2019-08-10: Finally got to Boulder to do a ride. #bouldercolorado #cycling

2019-06-30: I am so excited right now. Even though I didn’t meet my goal of riding my bike 1000 miles this …

2019-06-25: Back to my usual after-work ride. Feels good to be home and stay home for awhile. #cycling #denver …

2019-06-07: Strava vs SRAM today. Found the gay peloton as well although keeping up with a cat 4 racer was …

2019-06-05: Made it half way to LA today. 89 miles today and 71 yesterday. Yesterday was miserable due to heat, …

2019-06-03: Day 2 was rough. 108 miles in major heat, but you can always count on the gays to liven things up. …

2019-06-01: This is my 13th AIDS Ride. THANK YOU to everyone that contributed this year and especially to those …

2019-05-15: Today I celebrate 13 years with this spectacular guy. The best 13 of my life. He’s my rock. My calm …

2019-05-14: Hill Repeats for 💵 With only about two weeks left until I fly to San Francisco to start a 545-mile bike from SF to LA, …

2019-04-27: Great solo ride today which gave me ample time to think about some things. #cycling #colorado …

2019-04-25: First Lookout Mountain Ride of the year! #colorado #cycling #lookoutmountain

2019-04-22: We had a blast this weekend with Jenny and Matt to celebrate mine and Matt’s bday. We went to the …

2019-04-16: Morning rides in Marin are my favorite mornings. #cycling #sanfrancisco #strava

2019-04-10: It never ceases to amaze me how this guy can get wrapped up in blankets. #dogsofdenver …

2019-03-23: It was a great day skiing today at Snowmass. I finally fell for the first time this season. I’ve …

2019-03-21: Another great group again today. What a great week of riding. #hawkhill #sanfrancisco #strava …

2019-03-19: Big group this morning for Hawk Hill! #strava #hawkhill #cycling #marin #sanfrancisco

2019-03-18: Watched the sunset last night and the sunrise this morning. I miss before-work Hawk Hill climbs. …

2019-03-17: In my first 4 hours in SF, I managed to pick up a bike for the week, get a run in, and have dinner …

2019-03-09: 66 miles/3,800 ft of climbing without training was a little rough, but the views made it worth it. …

2019-03-08: I cannot wait to to ride here tomorrow. #cycling #moab #utah #skinnytirefestival

2019-02-16: I’m enjoying the great views on my train ride home from a great day of skiing at Winter Park. …

2019-02-09: This little guy will never understand how much I love him and how much joy he brings me. …

2019-01-27: Enjoying today’s 50s, before tomorrow’s snow. #colorado #denver #cycling

2019-01-20: Yesterday was a great day of skiing at Winter Park. I took the train for the first time from Union …

2019-01-01: 2018 Year in Sport Two thousand eighteen was an alright year for cycling. I am disappointed that I rode fewer miles …

2018-12-31: 2018 was a year of rebalancing from 2017. I feel like we’ve set ourselves up for a great 2019. …

2018-12-23: The best decorated building in Denver. #denver #christmas

2018-12-21: Happy to spend my day off with this little guy! #bostonterrier #dogsofdenver #dogsofinstagram

2018-11-24: Fun in Winter Park this weekend. So much fresh powder! #winterpark #colorado #skiing

2018-11-17: Colorado is fugly. #colorado #coppermountain #skiing #mountains

2018-11-11: Simon got a new flannel today!! #bostonterrier #dogsofdenver #dogsofinstagram

2018-11-10: Amazing day skiing for the first time in 12 years. #skiing #colorado #keystone


2018-11-04: Finally, after 6 months, I’ve finished my 2018 ALC Recap video. Check it out: …

2018-10-24: One of my most favorite mornings in recent memory. My first non-solo trail run was with these two …

2018-10-23: Good morning San Francisco! ☀️

2018-10-21: Denver ✈️ SF. I don’t know that I’m ready to go back.

2018-10-16: Red rocks and snow on my run this morning! ❄️ #redrocksamphitheater #denver #trailrunning

2018-10-06: I’ve been wanting to see this for quite some time now!! #dearevanhansen …

2018-09-30: First Weekend in Colorado This was our first weekend in Colorado and I think I overdid it, but I wanted to get some activities …

2018-09-29: First Colorado ride. Rode up Lookout Mountain today. #denver #cycling #lookoutmountain

2018-09-25: First Denver trail run at North Table Mountain. Hopefully I adjust to the elevation soon. #denver …

2018-09-24: I’m beyond happy to be here. So glad we made the decision to move here. #denver …

2018-09-19: Tonight is our last night in San Francisco. I have no regrets of our one year here, but I am beyond …

2018-09-12: Yesterday I had a great run around the summit loop trail at San Bruno mountain before work. It was …

2018-09-08: I should have started trail running when I moved here. I am going to miss Marin the most! …

2018-09-03: First trail run! 🏃 Foggy morning but it was still beautiful running through the hills of Marin. …

2018-09-02: Finally got to Dolores park!! #sanfrancisco #dolorespark

2018-09-02: 12 hours of coding today. Time for bed! 😴

2018-08-31: Look who joined me at work today!! Just hanging out under my desk. #strava #bostonterrier #dogfriday

2018-08-30: Nothing like spending the morning sitting on a plane stuck on the runway for hours because there is …

2018-08-30: Heading home on this very early morning. #denver #unionstation

2018-08-29: Fun night of paella, family, and city skylines. I cannot wait to move here in three weeks. It feels …

2018-08-28: I see way more scooter usage in Downtown Denver than I ever saw in SF. And way less Ubers/Lyfts. 🛴

2018-08-28: If you’re on micro.blog, check out Icro on the App Store. You can also contribute to the project.

2018-08-28: One of the things that i’ve learned from 360iDev is that I prefer workshop sessions way more. …

2018-08-27: Denver takes their checking of IDs very seriously. 🍺🍺🍺

2018-08-27: My first Micro.blog post. Hello World!!. Curious how this markdown translates to Twitter.

2018-08-23: Signs went up on the new office today! It’s exciting seeing it all come together. #strava …

2018-08-18: 🏃The Color Run 🏃 #colorrun #5k #sanfrancisco #husbands

2018-08-12: Paella night! #cooking #spanish #paella

2018-08-04: Checkin’ more things off @wesleysimonsen’s SF list. #twinpeaks #sanfrancisco #bayarea

2018-07-29: Sunday Funday 🏃#running #sfbay #strava #summer

2018-07-27: That actually felt good!! #running #commute #baybridge #strava

2018-07-22: Fogust is upon us. #goldengatebridge #fogust #karlthefog #cycling #strava

2018-07-10: Tuesday Morning San Bruno #sanfrancisco #cycling #sanbruno #karlthefog

2018-07-07: Took a trip to Emerald Bay State Park today. #tahoe #california #summer

2018-07-06: So happy to be out of the city again this weekend. #tahoe #california #nature

2018-06-23: First Saturday in a long time that I haven’t spent on a bike or traveling. #sonoma #winecountry …

2018-06-17: Happy pride from Denver! #pride #pridemonth #milehighcity

2018-06-09: After sleeping in a tent and only using porta potties for 7 days, I am going to enjoy the bed and …

2018-06-09: This was an experience I will never forget!! 545 miles from SF to LA. On the ride I bonded with some …

2018-06-07: Guess who signed up for next year already!?!?! It will be my 13th AIDS ride!! #alc2018 #fightaids …

2018-06-06: At the halfway point! Thanks so much to the people that have supported me on this journey!! #alc2018 …

2018-06-03: Just a fraction of all the tents. It’s hard to wrap my head around the size of this ride. …

2018-06-03: Never been to a lunch pit stop with a view like this before. #aidslifecycle #cycling #sf2la



2018-06-02: The Apple Watch is decked out for pride month. This year I am going to pride in San Francisco, Los …

2018-05-18: I know it’s not very San Franciscan of me, but I’ve yet to have a pleasant Anchor Steam beer.

2018-05-11: Amazing dinner tonight!!

2018-04-19: After visiting SF a million times and living here for 7 months, I finally made it to the painted …

2018-04-12: Tuesday San Bruno Ride. A few days late. #cycling #strava #sanbruno #earlymorning

2018-04-01: The creepy things you find in SF.

2018-04-01: Sunday Funday ocean walk with Simon the Boston. #bostonterrier #funstonbeach #sanfrancisco

2018-03-31: The rain sure greened up East Bay! #cycling #morganterritory #strava

2018-03-30: I love Jumbo and Dog Friday at @strava!! #bigdog #dogfriday #strava

2018-03-30: Stava ride before work!! #sanfrancisco #cycling #strava #hawkhill

2018-03-28: Started the bike buildout tonight! Very thankful to have a resource like the Bike Kitchen in SF. …

2018-03-27: Beautiful ride this morning!! #specialized #strava #bayarea #sanbruno #earlytobedearlytoshred

2018-03-25: Fun day in Marin! #dirtriding #bayarea #cruz #strava #specialized #marin

2018-03-23: We finally got a break from the rain so I was able to get a ride in before work today! #cycling …

2018-03-17: Three runs in one week. Hell has frozen over. 😈🔥❄️🏃#running #strava #sanfranciscobay #sanfrancisco …

2018-03-14: Beautiful night for a run along the bay. I also needed to burn off some pi day pie. #3.14 #piday …

2018-03-11: Great weekend with family in town. We got to discover a couple parts of SF that we hadn’t seen …

2018-03-11: Fog rolling in across the city. #karlthefog #bayarea #coittower

2018-03-09: This is my kind of Friday!!!





2018-02-25: I love whatever these trees are that are blooming right now. Spring is coming! Wait, did it ever …



2018-02-07: Look what finally came in the mail! Worked hard for that little badge. #Festive500 #rapha #cycling




2018-02-02: Friday morning bike rides along the coast are the best! #strava #bayarea #pacificocean

2018-01-15: Simon loves his new t-shirt and wants to thank @eddie_a_sweet_schnauzer_loge for it!! #bayarea …

2018-01-15: My little guy is so tired after the long weekend at the pet hotel!!! I missed him so much. …

2018-01-14: It was a fun trip home but I’m excited to get back to SF and see Boston the Simon. Thanks …

2018-01-11: Foggy morning, team Strava ride! #strava #cycling #bayarea #twinpeaks #werehiring

2017-12-29: What a ride today. 110 miles on the bike. I completed the Rapha #Festive500 which is a worldwide …




2017-12-25: Awesome day checking out the Sutro Baths.

2017-12-24: I’m pretty sure this is the first year I’ve ridden on Christmas Eve. Cranked out 87 miles today, but …

2017-12-23: Toured the Winchester Mansion today along with visiting Facebook and Apple’s new HQ.

2017-12-23: #2017bestnine



2017-12-14: Hawk hill with co-workers this morning. #nofilter #hawkhill #strava #wintersunrise

2017-12-10: Last minute sight-seeing with @ddexheimer before he heads back to Minnesota. #goldengatebridge …

2017-12-07: Cold morning again atop San Bruno. #cycling #sanbrunomountain


2017-11-25: Fun times hiking on Mt. Tam with @wesleysimonsen today!

2017-11-24: Pacific ocean from my bike ride #cycling #mttamalpais #sorelegs #pacificocean

2017-11-23: I worked my 🍑off to get up here. I’ll go down as fast as I want! #cycling #sanbrunomountain #bayarea

2017-11-23: Happy 🍗 Day!! I’m super thankful for all the people that have donated to AIDS/LifeCycle. Today I am …

2017-11-21: Good morning from San Bruno Mountain! #sanbruno #sanfrancisco #bayarea #strava #cycling

2017-11-12: Beautiful day exploring with @wesleysimonsen and Justin! #pacificocean #sanfrancisco

2017-11-11: Little Simon basking in the sun. #bostonterrier #dogsofinstagram #monster

2017-11-10: Today’s ride was rainy AF. I guess it could be worse, it could be 13 degrees. 😈 #sanfrancisco …

2017-11-07: These before-work rides never get old. #sanfrancisco #hawkhill #cycling #strava

2017-11-05: Sunday Funday in wine country! #winetasting #wine #sundayfunday

2017-11-04: The view is always worth the climb. #sanfrancisco #bayarea #sfbay #cycling #strava

2017-10-28: Great ride today with @sweet_ux and @bmcsf! Great views and great company.

2017-10-26: A ride up Hawk Hill to see the sunrise before work! #sanfrancisco #cycling #sunrise #strava

2017-10-21: I guess this spot will work for a small break! #sanfrancisco #hawkhill #pacificocean

2017-10-21: Beautiful, smoke-free, day for the @aidslifecycle kick-off ride! Checkout the link on my profile to …

2017-10-15: Cycling is never going to get old here. Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, however, has already.

2017-10-12: My new used commuter bike.

2017-09-29: Kind of loving SF so far.




2017-09-27: Out exploring the neighborhood. A BBQ/brewery two blocks away. I approve!

2017-09-26: Made it San Francisco. Couldn’t be anymore excited because our condo in MPLS sold as we were driving …

2017-09-25: Simon is beginning to wonder if the rest of his life is going to be spent in the damn U-Haul. …

2017-09-25: More Nevada!

2017-09-25: Made it to Nevada!

2017-09-24: Somewhere around the South Dakota/Wyoming border.

2017-09-23: The move to San Francisco starts today. Day 1 of 4.

2017-09-22: Last day at Target!

2017-09-20: Going away donuts from my co-workers. Still love them though.

2017-09-10: One last ride out to the Saint Bonnie Bistro for the breakfast hash. #cycling #minnesota



2017-09-02: Awesome ride today with the @birchwoodbiketeam!!! Despite getting pulled over by a cop on the trail. …

2017-08-31: First event in US Bank Stadium! #minneapolis #minnesota #minneapolis #vikings


2017-08-11: Great ride today despite the fog! #goldengatebridge #sanfrancisco #foggy #cycling


2017-08-06: Chicken and Chorizo Paella tonight. #minneapolis #paella #nocheespañola

2017-08-05: By far the fastest century I’ve ever done with an avg of 19 mph. All while supporting the …

2017-08-05: Tour de Tonka with 179 other 100-milers. Over 3500 other people in total. #tourdetonka #minnesota …

2017-07-15: New bike day! Im excited for my first CX season! #cycling #mplscycle #cyclocross #xc

2017-07-14: Oh road bike, you are a sight for sore eyes. I’ve missed you. #minneapolis #cycling …

2017-07-08: Today we are at a soccer tournament for Grass Roots Soccer. They are also a beneficiary of Bike …

2017-07-08: Absolutely gorgeous morning at Victoria Falls!! #adrenaline #victoriafalls #zambia #bikezambia

2017-07-08: Today we went swimming at the edge of the biggest waterfall in the world!! #bikezambia #zambia …

2017-07-07: Walking straight towards us! #elephant #botswana #chobe #bikezambia

2017-07-07: I can’t decide if I like giraffes or elephants more. #elephant #botswana #chobe #bikezambia

2017-07-07: We saw many elephants today as well. #bikezambia #chobe #botswana #elephant

2017-07-07: Met this guy just hanging out today.

2017-07-06: Double rainbow! 🌈 #victoriafalls #zambia #bikezambia

2017-07-06: Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world and the biggest waterfall in the …

2017-07-06: No picture will ever do this place justice! It is the most beautiful place on earth that I’ve …

2017-07-06: These little guys are so cute and such big jerks at the same time. #bikezambia #zambia …

2017-07-06: As I did in 2013, I’ve met some spectacular people on this ride. I hope to have continued …

2017-07-06: If only every long bike ride ended with champagne and one of the seven natural world wonders. …

2017-07-05: You see many older girls taking care of the younger girls in the village. #cycling #bikezambia …

2017-07-05: Another village! #fightaids #zambia #bikezambia #cycling

2017-07-05: We visited many remote villages today. #cycling #bikezambia #zambia #fightaids

2017-07-05: I’m going to miss seeing these happy little faces when I go home. Bike rides won’t be …

2017-07-05: Hitting the dab! #nofilter #zambia #bikezambia #cycling

2017-07-05: Met this little boy out in a village today. He was so outgoing!! #cycling #bikezambia #zambia …

2017-07-04: The most amazing tree at our campsite tonight. #zambia #bikezambia #cycling

2017-07-04: Beautiful African sunset! #cycling #bikezambia #zambia #nofilter

2017-07-04: The baobab trees of Zambia. #zambia #cycling #bikezambia

2017-07-04: To all my Bike Zambia donors: here is one way your donations are being used. These medically trained …

2017-07-04: Met these little guys on our stop today! The girls were too camera shy! #fightaids #zambia #cycling …

2017-07-03: 🇿🇲 Good afternoon Zambia!!! 🇿🇲 #bikezambia #cycling #zambia #fightaids

2017-07-03: Last night I splurged and upgraded from the tent. Well worth it for a good night’s rest. …

2017-07-02: Today we were able to spend time with the children of an orphanage that was a previous beneficiary …

2017-07-02: Typical rural village in Zambia. 🇿🇲 #bikezambia #cycling #zambia #fightaids

2017-07-02: No ride melts the ❤️ more than hundreds of children running from their villages to great us. They …

2017-07-02: Riding through rural African villages today. #fightaids #zambia #cycling #bikezambia

2017-07-02: Fellow bike riders in Zambia.

2017-07-01: Sugar cane fields of rural Africa. #bikezambia #cycling #zambia #fightaids

2017-07-01: This guy had a rockin’ bike. It even had sirens as he rode. #fightaids #zambia #cycling …

2017-07-01: That shiny stuff on he road is molases between the sugar cane fields. It was a very sticky day! …

2017-07-01: This young boy provided entertainment at our last pit stop. #fightaids #zambia #cycling #bikezambia

2017-07-01: Awesome time meeting with ZHECT, one of the beneficiaries of Bike Zambia, today! #bikezambia …

2017-06-30: Claire and her amazing team go out of their way to make sure we have a successful Bike Zambia every …

2017-06-30: Well hello there! Got closer to a giraffe than I’ve ever been! #bikezambia

2017-06-30: Building my second Buffalo Bike! #zambia #worldbicyclerelief #wbr #bikezambia #cycling

2017-06-30: The wonderful Bike Zambia 2017 riders!! We all just got done building bikes. #fightaids #cycling …

2017-06-29: Finally got to camp. You can see my hut in the background. #zambia #bikezambia #cycling

2017-06-28: I’ve been on a lot of big planes before, but never a double decker. Made it to the Netherlands …

2017-06-27: I’m going to miss this little guy the next couple of weeks. I don’t know how I’m …

2017-06-25: Last ride until I’m in Africa! I did hills tonight since the first day of Bike Zambia is over …

2017-06-23: Fundraising Friday! This is the last Friday/weekend before I leave for Bike Zambia! 🇿🇲I am trying to …


2017-06-15: World Bicycle Relief is one of the three beneficiaries of Bike Zambia and probably my favorite. …

2017-06-12: In two weeks I will be going back to Zambia because they still need our help. 1 in 8 are still …

2017-06-05: Over 1000 miles logged for the year to get ready for Bike Zambia in three weeks. Check the link in …

2017-06-03: Yep, we rode this to the bar. Saturday fun with the Thielen’s. #redneckrides #cracyaunt …

2017-06-02: Spending some time riding and catching up with family up north this weekend. #cycling #minnesota …

2017-05-27: Somewhere on the way to Scandia. #mplscycle #cycling


2017-05-12: Simon is enjoying a nice Friday night with me out on the patio. #bostonterrier #dogsofminneapolis …


2017-05-05: All checked-in and ready for another 100 mile bike ride tomorrow. I’ve been waiting for this …

2017-05-04: It’s so nice not having everything brown anymore. #spring #springisintheair #primavera

2017-04-29: Mile 99 Selfie. #mplscycle #cycling #centuryride

2017-04-16: Another weekend of training for Zambia. Check out the link in my profile to find out how you can …

2017-04-16: Easter + Headwinds from Hell = Trails to myself. #minnesota #bikezambia #cycling

2017-04-16: Ahhh Toto, I’ve got a feeling we aren’t in Minneapolis anymore. 40 miles of head winds. …

2017-04-12: This little monster turned 1 year old today. He has given us so much joy in this short time and we …


2017-04-09: Pre-rain ride. #fightaids #africa #zambia #fightpoverty #minnesota #mplscycle …


2017-04-04: If I haven’t said how much I love spring yet, I ❤️spring! 31 miles on a work night. #cycling …

2017-04-01: Best bike I’ve ever had!!! #specialized #roubaix #bikempls #cedarlake #cycling

2017-03-27: Simon is loving sitting on the park bench enjoying the spring temps. #bostonterrier …

2017-03-18: First Minnesota bike ride of the year!!! #brrr #cycling #minneapolis #minnesota #mplscycle #biking

2017-03-04: Tonight we did our annual sunset dinner which is one of our Puerto Vallarta traditions. #pvr …

2017-03-03: Walking the malecón tonight. #pv #puertovallarta #malecon #sunset #nofilter


2017-02-28: The sunsets never get old here. #sunset #nofilter #pv #puertovallarta #mexico #maridoyamigos

2017-02-21: Tiring day at daycare. He couldn’t even stay awake for the ride home. #bostonterrier …

2017-01-31: Life behind bars wasn’t so bad today. #cycling #arizona #bighills

2017-01-30: Waterfall Trail at White Tank Mountains. #hikingadventures #hiking #desert #arizona

2017-01-30: Beautiful trail at White Tank. #arizona #hiking


2017-01-21: More progress made on the drone. GPS, FPV camera, GoPro gimbal, and receivers mounted. All that is …

2017-01-03: One more drone pic before it gets loaded with more electronics tomorrow. #quadcopter #fpv #drone …

2016-12-31: Probably not going to win any soldering awards, but the electronic speed controls (ESC) have been …

2016-12-30: After spending time flying drones in Phoenix as well as some kind stranger showing me his FPV drone, …

2016-12-28: The jury’s still out on the new Christmas flannel. #bostonterrier #dogs #dogstagram …

2016-12-27: Un paseo en las noches de las luminarias.

2016-12-24: It’s 5 PM somewhere.

2016-12-03: We went blue and silver this year.

2016-11-06: “Daddy, that November sun is too bright!”

2016-11-05: I’m so happy it’s November and I’m out riding my bike and this is the only snowman …

2016-11-02: After a week of chaos, today was a good day. And it ended with a beautiful sight on my way home.

2016-10-24: Simon says “Good Night”.


2016-10-16: Finally a sunny bike ride!

2016-10-15: Beautiful fall ride!

2016-09-23: Beautiful walk to dinner. #nofilter

2016-09-16: This little guy melts my heart.

2016-09-13: Simon’s best friend or worst enemy, depending on the second, is here for another week. …

2016-09-12: The Cartwheel Native (iOS/Android) team kicking off Fall National Week. #wearetarget #bullseye …

2016-08-27: Simon does love his new walking area. It will be interesting to see what it looks like tomorrow …

2016-08-27: If you can’t find a shoe, the first place you should check is Simon’s bed. …

2016-08-05: Yeah, I’m still not very impressed with the new stadium. The area between the stadium and the …

2016-07-14: Kind of hard to get work done when Simon insists on sleeping on the keyboard. #13weeks …

2016-07-08: Simon wants to go for a ride! #dogsofinstagram #bostonsofinstagram #bostonterrier #dogsofminneapolis …

2016-07-04: Simon loves sticks. #bostonsofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #dogsofminneapolis #11weeks #bostonterrier

2016-06-29: Lego Bullseye. #target #bullseye #lego #legodog

2016-06-26: Sometimes it’s just easier to play in the toy box instead of dragging all the toys out. …

2016-06-23: Fun time tonight at Target’s pride kick-off. #takepride

2016-06-15: Someone went to doggy day care today and now they can barely function because they are so tired. …

2016-06-11: Simon has this thing where he picks up a pine cone and carries it for the duration of his walk! …

2016-06-11: Simon had his first bath today’! #dogsofminneapolis #8weeks #bostonsofinstagram …

2016-06-07: Sleep. Play. Sleep. Play. Bite @wesleysimonsen’s lip. sleep. play. Sleep. Play. #bostonterrier …

2016-06-06: Simon has been making friends all day. Every time he goes outside a crowd forms in the park. He …

2016-06-05: Simon’s favorite spot is in between people’s feet.

2016-06-05: Simon says “Hello World”

2016-05-29: Beautiful night for dinner on the Mississippi River. #psycosuzies #mpls #summer

2016-05-26: This past weekend the little crane took down the big crane at Portland Tower. We also found out …

2016-05-24: Nice night for a baseball game. #baseball #mntwins #targetfield #minneapolis

2016-05-18: Looks like I’ll be sitting by the pool this weekend!

2016-05-18: A little late this year, but I finally got on the bike for the first time this season.

2016-05-07: City -> Cornfields of Iowa -> City, all in one day. Petty confident I’m a city boy. …

2016-05-06: We went by the new place to cheer me up tonight. Looks great in the evening.

2016-04-18: Tonight I made chimichurri for the first time. Yum, i’ll be doing that again!

2016-04-14: Wow, this is probably the best Indeed brew I’ve had!

2016-04-03: First time going into the condo today! #PortlandTower #DowntownMinneapolis #urbanliving

2016-04-03: Love springtime!

2016-03-28: Stopped by the new place on my walk home tonight. The 17th, and final, floor has been poured. …

2016-03-20: I’m pretty sure @wesleysimonsen and I would have Mexican food every night if I always had time …

2016-03-05: A little dinner on the beach.

2016-03-04: Not a bad view for a $50-dollar-a-night hotel room.

2016-03-03: Current invention in progress: a dog barking monitor that sends a notification to my phone when it …

2016-02-27: Enjoyed the nice weather today by taking a long walk throughout our soon-to-be neighborhood. There …

2016-02-05: Too cool for school.

2016-02-04: Mas Yunque

2016-02-04: El yunque rain forest.

2016-02-04: Spending the morning in the rainforest.

2016-02-03: Some random church in Old San Juan

2016-02-03: El Morro en viejo San Juan

2016-02-03: Hey buddy!

2016-01-24: The new condo is coming along. They are now building floor 10 of 17. August can’t come soon …

2016-01-22: When all the iOS engineers are in the office and the Android ones are gone, droids get Apple …

2016-01-18: Monday.

2016-01-10: Starting my home automation project for 2016. Wes has named our home app Emily after the assistant …

2015-12-31: #2015BestNine

2015-12-05: He actually sleeps. #bostonterrier #dogsitting #instadog

2015-11-29: Finally the parking levels are poured. Now they can start on the condo floors.

2015-11-26: The African rooftop animals aren’t impressed with the snow.

2015-11-23: Had one of the best meals of my life tonight. Fried avocado, ceviche, mussels, filet mignon, shrimp, …

2015-11-23: The view from the bathroom of our cottage.

2015-11-23: The rocks are much more red today. #nofilter

2015-11-23: Hiking at White Tank Mountains. #latergram

2015-11-22: Sunday morning hike in the desert.

2015-11-21: This is what the backpack of a tech geek looks like when traveling for four days.

2015-11-12: The iPad Pro is amazing for music. As is @forscoreapp for sheet music.

2015-11-10: You’ve probably heard of upward-facing dog or downward-facing dog pose, but this is what lazy …

2015-11-02: From here on out I will refer to these as the rings of fire since that is how my arms felt …

2015-10-31: Someone’s having a lazy Saturday.

2015-10-25: Beautiful morning! I have a little bit of an industrial back yard.

2015-10-24: Baby’s living it up tonight!!!

2015-10-24: My blood makeup flaked off and I’m not happy about it.

2015-10-24: Kim Davis. AKA @emattmaass

2015-10-24: Halloween party tonight. #CantTalk #CantSmile #CantLaugh

2015-10-23: Reviewing electrical plans while enjoying my kind of pumpkin spice latte.

2015-10-19: Half the Pillsbury sign went up today. My place is on the far right.

2015-10-17: Today Wesley and I went for a hike in the front yard.

2015-10-14: More of an aerial view of our new place. Next week we are meeting with project managers to kick off …

2015-10-14: Wesley hates mornings. This is how I found him after my shower this morning.

2015-10-11: Beautiful day for a motorcycle ride! Thankful that I have found a group of people to ride with.

2015-10-10: Gorgeous sky tonight. #nofilter

2015-10-08: Come dance and sing for me Madonna. #rebelheart #GayestInstagramNightEVER!!

2015-10-08: This is insane!! We had nose-bleed seats and some usher asked if we wanted to be on the floor and …

2015-10-06: There’s not too many nights left to sit out by the fire.

2015-09-29: The Schnauzer’s new treat jar. #PuppyUppers #johnathanadler

2015-09-27: We had so much fun last night going to dinner in Stillwater in my friend’s 1923 Durant.

2015-09-25: Man I love this neighborhood. Another year to enjoy it.

2015-09-19: I’m cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs in my malt chocolate porter. Beautiful day + being with …

2015-09-18: It doesn’t look like much now, but this will be our new home starting summer of 2016.

2015-09-16: Shakira was way better than whoever that Luke Bryan guy was.

2015-09-16: Let’s get this meeting started!!!! Can’t wait! @target #FNM

2015-09-13: Beautiful night for a run.

2015-09-13: Bridge to home.

2015-08-30: Chocolate soufflés on Sunday night because…… why the hell not?

2015-08-29: Made a kick-ass paella tonight.

2015-08-25: Wesley loves his new morning walks. Much better scenery.

2015-08-07: Exciting Friday night in the Fransen-Simonsen household. Cutting out to-scale cut-outs of our …

2015-07-12: That was one hot parade to walk in. Time for cool down.

2015-06-07: Super excited for the conference this week. #wwdc15.

2015-06-07: Back from Wine Country and getting ready for #wwdc15.

2015-06-06: We’ve taken some good wine to the coast and are enjoying it there.

2015-06-06: Another beautiful day in Wine Country.

2015-06-05: Pride Mountain Vineyards.

2015-06-05: The vineyards of Napa Valley!

2015-05-09: The Greenway in MPLS. The fast way to get from one side of the city to the other.

2015-04-21: Blanquito got detailed today. Unfortunately it was snowing when I picked him up.

2015-04-17: Look what came out of storage today. Added a backrest in hopes of getting @wesleysimonsen to ride …

2015-04-07: Rainbow in Cupertino.

2015-04-05: Had a little extra time today so I thought I’d try making Pretzel Challah.

2015-03-23: Winter came back!

2015-03-21: Pretty night in Duluth, but very chilly.

2015-03-03: Wesley’s daily ritual of following the sun throughout the day.

2015-03-03: Possibly the last snowy day of the winter! #fingerscrossed

2015-02-15: My first attempt at paella turned out pretty well. I have a couple of things I’ll do different …

2015-02-07: Los Arcos on a beautiful day!

2015-02-04: Breakfast in the jungle in the city.

2015-02-03: Looks like it’s going to be a much better day in Puerto Vallarta today. I love this place.

2015-01-16: OK, so it’s more than just a wine bar, but before you judge, know that this is the half size. …

2015-01-16: It doesn’t take @wesleysimonsen and I long to find a good wine bar in a new city.

2015-01-16: Landscaping is very different here from Minnesota!

2015-01-16: My first time seeing an orange tree and eating one directly from the tree.

2015-01-09: Friday night flights to unwind.

2014-12-27: Fun night playing Mexican Train! Wine and apple crisp was good as well.

2014-12-02: Now this is how you decorate a tree people!

2014-10-15: I forgot how well a relaxing night playing piano with a glass of wine can clear the mind!

2014-10-12: Another cool bike.

2014-10-12: I want one!

2014-09-27: I lied yesterday, tonight is probably the last outside dinner.

2014-09-26: I love rooftop dinners. This might have been the last one of this year.

2014-09-22: The trees are so beautiful before they turn ugly for 6 months. #ColorsOfFall

2014-09-17: On a 1 to 10 scale of installation difficultness, this light gets a 20. Thanks for the help …

2014-09-14: Finally figured out how to make a tasty, all-natural, pumpkin spice latte at home.

2014-09-07: The basil has sprouted!! Hopefully the chives and cilantro are next. #windowherbs

2014-09-06: Enjoying eating outside tonight with @wesleysimonsen. Our nights to do this are limited!

2014-09-01: It’s starting!!!!!! #pumpkineverything #lovefall

2014-08-08: While wandering around @target yesterday i discovered Chihuly glass. Chihuly glass at work!!! This …

2014-07-28: Beautiful evening in Stockholm!

2014-07-28: .@wesleysimonsen and I are spending some time at the Sweden Museum of Photography this afternoon. …

2014-07-27: Another church in Finland.

2014-07-27: Sculpture in Helsinki. #nofilter

2014-07-27: Some remains of the Berlin Wall.

2014-07-27: This is a Lutheran cathedral in Berlin. I thought only the Catholics did cathedrals.

2014-07-27: Probably the 15th palace we’ve seen on this trip!

2014-07-27: More Stockholm!

2014-07-27: Hanging out in Stockholm for the next couple of days. Loving this city as much as I loved …

2014-07-26: Lunch at an old distillery in Finland.

2014-07-19: Toured my first castle today. So cool!

2014-07-19: Best brunch ever today in Copenhagen!

2014-07-18: In Copenhagen now. Loving it way more than Paris!

2014-07-17: We spent four hours here today and I still didn’t get enough!!

2014-07-17: Eiffel Tower at sunset. #nofilterneeded

2014-07-17: .@wesleysimonsen and I will have this selfie thing figured out by the time this trip is done!!! …

2014-07-16: Tonight we visited the Arc de Triomphe after dinner on the Champs-Élysées! Finally going to bed …

2014-07-16: After many hours of traveling, we finally made it to Paris!

2014-07-15: The travels to paris have begun!

2014-07-13: Suitcase death stare!

2014-07-13: Nothing makes the dog more mad/sad than suitcases.

2014-06-29: Fun times walking around today, but way too many people.

2014-06-29: I even have @wesleysimonsen representing!

2014-06-14: My adorable niece and my photo-bombing nephew.

2014-06-14: Really digging this 1800’s themed wedding! Antiques on all of the tables.

2014-06-14: Lazy Saturday for the puppies.

2014-06-13: Enjoying the super nice weather today by working outside at the awesome Target Plaza Commons!

2014-06-11: Day 3 at @target and I’m already on the GLBTA Business Council.

2014-06-03: Welsey refuses to look at a camera. It’s the weirdest thing!

2014-06-01: .@wesleysimonsen going old school today and talking on a flip phone!

2014-05-31: Nothing cures a salt craving like a big old bowl of edamame.

2014-05-28: Working out of @CoCoMSP today at the Grain Exchange Building! Cool space!

2014-05-26: Last step: consume and an after-dinner pomegranate mojito.

2014-05-26: Step 3: Before-dinner pomegranate mojitos. Remove tin foil, apply BBQ sauce, and cook for another 30 …

2014-05-26: Step 2: Take off smoker, wrap in tin foil w/ apple juice, honey, and brown sugar. Put back on for …

2014-05-26: Step 1: smoke the ribs for three hours.

2014-05-18: Lake Pepin on a gorgeous day!

2014-05-18: Sunday Funday motorcycle ride!

2014-05-17: Kids: What’s calamari? Uncle Mike: Fancy fish sticks. Kids: Yum!!

2014-05-17: Mr. Hat Trick himself. We won 13-0.

2014-05-17: Watching my nephew’s soccer game in the middle of nowhere. AKA Iowa.

2014-05-16: Fun times and lots of laughs hanging out with the @livefront team tonight!

2014-05-13: Today the motorcycle got a taller windshield and saddlebags.

2014-05-09: Safety First!!

2014-04-28: It sucks getting a new toy and then it rains out for a million days in a row!

2014-04-20: Awesome week of lunches ahead for me!

2014-04-20: Now we just need things to green up and some leaves on the trees!

2014-04-19: The annual Easter egg hunt!

2014-04-19: Yummy ice cream cake!!!

2014-04-12: 18 hours of class this weekend!!

2014-04-06: Trying a crockpot chicken tonight. A @cleverkate recipe!

2014-04-05: Got my helmet and gloves today. I’m looking forward to class next weekend. #safetyfirst

2014-03-22: Now that GDC is done, I plan on reverting back to my introverted ways and play this for the next two …

2014-03-21: Awesome sushi last night!!

2014-03-18: One of my former employers and fellow Minnesota company is right next to Sensus. #NativeX #GDC

2014-03-18: Our booth at the GDC expo is amazing. Stop by tomorrow. #SensusGDC

2014-03-18: Day 2 of learning about developing games and showing other developers the Sensus. #SensusGDC

2014-03-17: After-work drinks on the 39th floor overlooking San Francisco!!

2014-03-16: Good evening San Francisco! I love high up hotel rooms!

2014-03-06: When having company over, it’s imperative that you practice making the drink the night before. …

2014-02-08: Afternoon Cappuccino. #iheartnespresso

2014-01-21: Wesley the dog is not happy that I made him go out in -13 temps.

2014-01-12: Awesome ceiling of upside-down kegs at The Freehouse. I wonder how I can incorporate this into my …

2014-01-06: “You want me to wake up just to go outside and go to the bathroom in -21 degrees? NAKED! You …

2014-01-01: Just kegged a batch of home-brewed Surly Cynic. I’m excited for this batch!

2013-12-28: Tonight I planted very tiny plants into very tiny two inch pots. Hopefully they will stay alive in …

2013-12-28: Finally figured out my multimeter so I can measure resistors. Exciting Saturday night!

2013-12-26: My new office digs are awesome.

2013-12-22: Cards against humanity with friends. Life is good!!!

2013-12-21: Either there is a bug with the Kegbot or someone was very thirsty! That’s a lot of ounces …

2013-12-19: Tonight I made Thai Chicken soup. Could have used more kick. Wes is loving my few days of not being …

2013-12-14: Two growlers and one present wrapped in awesome paper. Bring on the Christmas party!

2013-12-06: Our table’s fortune cookies tonight.

2013-12-06: The temp is going the wrong direction. On the bright side, the dog is back to doing his business in …

2013-11-29: Tree is up, fire is going, and Christmas music is playing throughout the house!

2013-11-23: Yoga at Fulton brewery. Great start to the weekend.

2013-11-17: Brewing some Surly Cynic, my first partial mash beer.

2013-11-16: The kegbot project is completed after fixing a leaky line today. Still need to hide some wires …

2013-11-12: Three hours later and the kegboard, coster, and arduino are all put together and actually working.

2013-11-12: Look what came today. Time to start soldering!

2013-11-10: Wes, the Dog Whisperer, playing Candy Crush this fine Sunday Morning.

2013-11-09: At 612 for the first time!

2013-11-06: The pre-arduinofied kegerator.

2013-11-04: The beer selection is growing at the Fransen-Simonsen household.

2013-11-04: Go eff yourself weather channel.

2013-11-04: Pac-Man kind of day.

2013-11-03: Today I bottled 30 bottles of Zinfandel and 45 bottles of Belgian Witbier. Long day!

2013-11-02: I wish our tree in the backyard would be this color all the time. #nofilters

2013-10-30: I don’t know if I’ve ever been so excited about a book. Every few pages there are …

2013-10-26: Dangerous Man Brewery!

2013-10-26: Dangerous Man brewery!

2013-10-19: Trader Joes is heaven for a pumpkin lover!

2013-10-19: We finally got our new coffee table today. I’m pretty sure it’s the heaviest thing in …

2013-10-15: Time for Wicked!!!

2013-10-13: Please tell me the 80s aren’t making a comeback.

2013-10-13: Connecting Trail

2013-10-13: Theo Wirth Park

2013-10-13: Theo With Park

2013-10-13: Theo Wirth Park

2013-10-13: Stone Arch Bridge

2013-10-13: Beautiful fall day for a bike ride.

2013-10-13: Beautiful fall day for a bike ride.

2013-10-11: Tonight I went out with friends and bought a ton of raffle tickets for a fundraiser. It paid off. I …

2013-10-07: Some days it’s easy to get Wesley out of bed, most days it isn’t.

2013-10-06: Pumpkin Ale. They’re almost all gone.

2013-10-06: One more sign of winter. We lit the fireplace for the season.

2013-10-05: Today seems like a good day to brew some Belgian Witbier.

2013-10-04: Tonight’s treat: an Android Kit Kat.

2013-09-30: Enjoying one of our last nice days before there are feet of snow in the ground.

2013-09-29: Tonight’s experiment: chickpea and tomato curry with naan.

2013-09-28: My first Jonathan Adler piece: an elephant bowl.

2013-09-27: Enjoying one of my home-brewed pumpkin ales after a long week.

2013-09-26: I found this sweet app this week for Mac and windows that gives piano lessons. It’s called …

2013-09-25: Our first leaf has fallen. Winter is right around the corner.

2013-09-22: Wes is spending the evening wearing his Luma shirt and playing Candy Crush.

2013-09-22: The cards from last night. Target has to be making a killing on that one card!

2013-09-13: This is how the code is starting to look after staring at a screen all day. Time to call it quits …

2013-09-12: Celebrating the launch of Luma. Having champagne for releasing really does encourage incremental …

2013-09-08: It’s starting….. Everything is turning pumpkin and I love it! I went shopping today and …

2013-09-07: Duolingo is one of the most addicting apps I have used. Throw in a little gamification and everyone …

2013-09-06: One thing I don’t need is another tablet.

2013-09-02: Today we’re brewing chocolate covered beavr nutz beer.

2013-09-01: Went to the farmers to get fruit for jam, but there were no strawberries or raspberries. At least I …

2013-08-31: Now time for dessert!

2013-08-31: Playing one of my favorite games, Cards Against Humanity!

2013-08-25: Meet Lucy, our houseguest this week. She is easily one of the most well-behaved dogs I have ever …

2013-08-25: First batch of beer (Pumpkin Ale) bottled. I can only hope it taste as good as it smells!

2013-08-25: Scored some bike socks and trunks today!

2013-08-24: We lost our first game of Forbidden Island.

2013-08-22: Looks like I’ll be building another wine rack in the near future.

2013-08-18: Brewing some Happy Holiday Ale today.

2013-08-11: I’ve sat in this chair for a total of 6 hours today. I got the calm, restful weekend I was …

2013-08-11: It’s unreal how good this ice cream is!

2013-08-08: Not a bad harvest tonight!

2013-08-03: Saturday afternoon on the lake!

2013-08-01: Wedding night beverage of choice.

2013-07-24: Afternoon hike!

2013-07-24: Mendenhall Glaciar

2013-07-21: Leaving Seattle!

2013-07-21: Another view.

2013-07-21: Hanging out in the front of the ship!!

2013-07-20: Going to Chihuly Garden & Glass was so awesome it made the top of the space needle uneventful!

2013-07-14: Time to march in the Robbinsdale Whiz Bang Days parade!

2013-07-13: Outdoor production of Annie.

2013-07-13: After being together for over seven years and not being able to marry, equality feels so good.

2013-07-08: Interesting flight from Livingstone to Lusaka. You could see the pilots the whole time.

2013-07-07: The safari in Botswana was awesome today. We saw a ton of giraffes, crocodiles, sables, impalas, …

2013-07-05: Just finished the most physically and emotionally challenging ride I have ever done. Victoria Falls …

2013-07-04: Happy 4th of July from Africa!

2013-07-04: A sign in rural Zambia.

2013-07-04: Good Morning from Africa! #nofilters

2013-07-03: They don’t have these signs at the lakes in Minnesota!

2013-07-03: The kids love the Polaroid pictures. This way instead of just taking photos they can keep them.

2013-07-02: Tonight’s accommodations are the best so far!

2013-07-02: A school sign along the route today.

2013-07-02: Day 4 complete. Much easier today than yesterday!

2013-07-01: Day 3 done! 73 kilometers of off-roading through rural Zambia. Lots of sand and really bumpy roads.

2013-06-29: Another picture of the dam.

2013-06-29: A huge dam in between Zimbabwe and Zambia.

2013-06-29: Day 1 complete!

2013-06-28: Loading up the bus to leave Lusaka. Once out of Lusaka, we will be starting Day 1 of riding.

2013-06-28: Time to build bikes!

2013-06-27: This hut is a bar and is only 100 feet from where I slept last night.

2013-06-27: The hut I slept in last night.

2013-06-27: Today we visited WBR immediately after getting off the plane. We will be going back tomorrow to …

2013-06-27: After traveling for so long, we started making friendship brackets to hand out to the kids at …

2013-06-26: The Frankfurt airport has all these random bikes you can take for free to ride from one area in the …

2013-06-25: After five hours in Chicago, I am finally getting ready to board my flight to Frankfurt.

2013-06-24: Just in case there isn’t coffee available in Zambia.

2013-06-23: Spraying my clothes with crazy strong bug spray for Africa. #malariaprevention

2013-06-21: Congrats to my dear friend Shivani on her wedding tonight.

2013-06-15: Wesley’s happy to have furniture again.

2013-06-10: Finally have our seats! #wwdc

2013-06-10: Upstairs we go! #WWDC

2013-06-10: The press is starting to setup.

2013-06-09: Outside Moscone West.

2013-06-09: Apple is now decorating the nearby buildings as well.

2013-06-08: Castro for dinner.

2013-06-08: View from my hotel room.

2013-06-08: The Clematis is starting to flower.

2013-06-02: This hanging plant I got for this summer has the coolest flowers.

2013-06-02: I don’t know what it is, but it is cool and it moves.

2013-06-02: Beautiful day in Minnesota! I didn’t even need to use an Instagram filter to make it better.

2013-06-02: Best southwest omelet ever!

2013-05-30: Preparing for the ability to charge my devices in Zambia!

2013-05-25: Pitstop #1 on ride.

2013-05-21: First attempt at pretzels.

2013-05-13: This week Wes and I are celebrating being together for 7 years and today marriage equality passed …

2013-05-13: Inside the capital! #mnleg #time4marriage

2013-05-13: At the capital witnessing history! #time4marriage #mnleg

2013-05-11: Today we added some vines, lighting, and a fountain to the back yard. Thanks David for all the help …

2013-05-05: She always has been my extra special friend!!!

2013-05-05: Today’s Bike Zambia training ride. 15 of my favorite friends and a lot of beer. #PedalPub

2013-05-05: Just planted the Earthbox for the summer. I planted cherry tomatoes, beans, peas, and garden …

2013-04-29: Wesley is not a happy camper today.

2013-04-28: Next batch is complete. Diablo Rojo is a red blend.

2013-04-25: I love that my boss provides heated, secured, and reserved bike parking.

2013-04-24: Today’s challenge.

2013-04-22: Afternoon Nerf target practice.

2013-04-19: Next birthday gift - Bike wine charms!

2013-04-19: Thanks so much Wes for the best birthday present ever! Now, you all have a front row seat to …

2013-04-14: Here is final thing from Arduino weekend: A room monitor to detect motion and temperature. I also …

2013-04-13: Arduino weekend continues. I soldered my first electronic with this mini-project.

2013-04-12: First Arduino program written. A blinking light. Whoohoo!

2013-04-11: Charlie’s joining me as I read tonight!

2013-04-11: The wine is piling up and I have no idea if the homebrew stuff is any good yet.

2013-04-11: This is not how April should look. #justwannaridebike

2013-04-07: Just bottled 30 bottles of Pinot Noir!

2013-04-07: Ice, be gone already.

2013-04-07: The jerseys have been brought down from upstairs. Spring has to come now.